Workflow Solutions IBC 2023 preview

AP Workflow Solutions will present significant workflow advancements with AP ENPS, AP Playbook, and Storytelling during IBC 2023. From September 15th to 18th find us at booth 7.A19 at RAI Amsterdam to see the latest from the team. Registration is open and you can claim a free pass using our code IBC1564.

Together our solutions are reimagining news production for simultaneous multi-platform output, making journalists faster, more efficient, and more aware. But that is only a fraction of what our team has accomplished so far this year. 

2023 has been one of our busiest years for onboarding new customers. Just this year alone over 60+ broadcasters have chosen and implemented AP ENPS or AP Playbook to drive their modern multi-platform editorial planning and production workflows. That’s more than one site going live every week all year long! The ability to manage this volume of simultaneous projects is something our team takes pride in, as we are still able to deliver personal customer experience for onboarding and beyond.



Security is another key area of focus for our team. We are proud to share that AP achieved ISO 27001 certification in July 2023. But our security posture does not stop there. So, what does this mean? Every release of AP ENPS, AP Playbook and Storytelling feature security improvements. It means our development and QA teams apply industry standard security practices to their day-to-day efforts. It also means hiring third party IT security auditors to perform penetration testing on our internal and customer-facing solutions. Finally, it means providing our customers with the peace of mind they deserve because they chose a partner that treats their security needs as paramount.

AWS & Open AI Collaboration

As an industry leader we owe it to our customers and to our team to ensure we form partnerships with other leading organizations. In that vein, we are thrilled to be partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OpenAI (the team that delivers ChatGPT).  

A little over a year ago, AP was invited to join AWS’ Live Cloud Production (LCP) initiative. The goal of the initiative is to bring media tech industry leaders together and provide turnkey cloud-hosted news production solutions for the market. And this year at IBC, AWS will also feature AP ENPS at its booth to demonstrate news production entirely from the cloud.  

Now the topic that is on everyone’s mind, Artificial Intelligence (AI). New technologies often raise more questions than answers, particularly around what role they could or should play in editorial workflows. Should we let A.I. write stories, edit video, or suggest content? How do we know what data the A.I. was trained with? Will it actually save time or cause additional headaches? AP recently partnered with OpenAI. One of the goals of this partnership is to deliver solutions that will help answer some of those questions that always come up. OpenAI is licensing AP content to help train its models while also providing AP access to OpenAI APIs to explore potential use cases for generative AI in news products and services. AP’s SVP & Chief Revenue Officer Kristin Heitmann said “We are pleased that OpenAI recognizes that fact-based, nonpartisan news content is essential to this evolving technology, and that they respect the value of our intellectual property.” 


New Releases

Finally, our product team is excited about our immediate software releases and continuing to work on solving unifying multi-platform story management. Story versions are currently fragmented with versions of the same story beginning and ending their journey in either the NCS, CMS or social media management system, typically with little to no integration.  

During IBC we will be unveiling a newly redesigned interface for AP Playbook and showcasing how its cloud-hosted functionality is evolving beyond planning to encompass story discovery and production.  Aimed at uniting disparate teams, formats, and outputs – these solutions address key editorial workflows, from ideas to publication and broadcast.  A simple, user-friendly interface and the careful use of integrated A.I. raise journalists’ productivity, allowing them to spend more time on the stories that matter. 

Our team will also be showing ENPS 9.5, the very latest version of AP’s leading broadcast newsroom system. It combines new front-end features such as dark mode plus improvements to the rundown, the search interface and macro navigation. Backend developments include a more secure infrastructure and better Active Directory integration plus increased redundancy. This latest release includes features to delight both users and system managers.  

That’s just a peak into how busy 2023 has been for our team. Please be sure to visit our booth 7.A19 or the AWS booth 5.C90 to discuss these advancements and hear more about our editorial solutions. Looking to reserve a meeting ahead of time? Set it up below!

AP Workflow Solutions – a team effort. 

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