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AP Storytelling: Streamline, Create, and Distribute

Meet AP Storytelling, developed by AP Workflow Solutions to address the complex needs of today’s media professionals. This platform doesn’t just adapt to the evolution of media—it drives it, transforming traditional workflows into streamlined digital operations. Designed for newsrooms that demand precision and efficiency, AP Storytelling integrates cutting-edge technology with user-friendly interfaces, giving you the power to focus on what matters most: delivering compelling content.



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Optimize Your Workflow with Smart Technology

AP Storytelling redefines your newsroom’s capabilities, making it easy to transition from legacy systems to advanced, intuitive solutions. Our cloud-based platform means your team can focus on crafting compelling narratives while the technology handles the intricacies of digital workflows and multi-platform collaboration.

Advanced AI for Summarizations

Leverage AI to maintain narrative consistency across formats, enhancing your story’s impact on every platform.

Integrated Media Assets

Directly access AP Photos, Videos, and your archived content, weaving rich media narratives with ease.

Versatile Cloud Options

Operate across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with tools that scale to your needs and reduce dependence on physical servers.

Empower Your Team with Cohesive Integration

AP Storytelling unites your team, whether you’re using ENPS or not, creating a cohesive production environment. This integration streamlines your operations from the initial story idea to final broadcast, ensuring no detail is missed.

Why Choose AP Storytelling?

Content Ingest and Browsing

Instantly pull from a diverse array of sources to keep your stories fresh and relevant.

Editorial Planning and Collaboration

Plan and execute complex story arcs with tools that support both day-to-day and big-picture strategies.

Efficient Version Control

Easily manage story variations for different channels and audiences, all within a single dashboard.

Dynamic Publication Scheduling

Coordinate content releases across platforms, ensuring your audience receives timely and well-crafted updates

Optimized Live Broadcasts

Control every aspect of live production for a seamless on-air presentation.

Intuitive Design, Powerful Tools

Explore the advanced interface of AP Storytelling. From HTML5 plugin support to comprehensive dashboards, each element is crafted to enhance usability and productivity. Whether you’re managing complex editorial workflows or requiring a bird’s-eye view of ongoing projects, our platform’s intuitive design and robust functionality adapt to your unique media production needs.


AP Storytelling is a next-generation, story-centric news production solution designed to enhance the way newsrooms create, manage, and distribute content. It integrates cutting-edge AI and editorial management tools to streamline workflows across multiple platforms, helping journalists focus on storytelling and informing their communities.

AP Storytelling can be used independently but is most beneficial when integrated with ENPS. This integration enhances editorial workflows by ensuring smooth data flow and unified operations, allowing for more efficient content production and distribution across various media platforms.

Yes, AP Storytelling is designed for ultimate hosting flexibility and can be operated on any major cloud provider, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This flexibility helps reduce the number of servers required and supports a scalable and efficient news production environment.

Recognizing the shift towards remote operations, AP Storytelling is designed as a cloud-based solution, ensuring that journalists and media teams can access the system from anywhere, on any device. This flexibility is crucial for modern newsrooms that operate on a global scale and require robust, scalable solutions that support both in-office and remote workflows. AP Storytelling’s cloud infrastructure also reduces the reliance on physical servers, aligning with the industry’s move towards more sustainable and cost-effective operations.

Key features include comprehensive editorial tools, multi-platform distribution capabilities, and AI-enhanced storytelling. It offers HTML5 plugin support, comprehensive dashboards for a bird’s-eye view of editorial processes, and seamless content adaptation across various outputs.

The AI-enhanced storytelling feature in AP Storytelling utilizes Summarative AI to re-version stories based on original journalistic content. It also helps generate story ideas, summarize content, and maintain the unique tone of a brand across different outputs, enhancing narrative consistency and engagement.

AP Storytelling is ideal for news organizations, digital content creators, broadcasters, and social media managers. It’s designed to enhance storytelling capabilities by providing tools that streamline editorial management, content re-versioning, and distribution across multiple media outputs.

AP Storytelling is best thought of as a companion to ENPS, rather than a replacement or next-generation version. Both AP Storytelling and ENPS are built on the same platform, allowing them to integrate seamlessly. For organizations already using ENPS, the idea is to employ both systems in tandem, where different groups within a larger organization might choose AP Storytelling to enhance their converged workflows, while others may continue using their existing setups.

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AP ENPS is the world’s leading news production software, trusted by thousands of journalists in over 60 countries to streamline their news production process and deliver high-quality content.

AP Storytelling

AP Storytelling is the ultimate tool for news production, enabling journalists to navigate seamlessly from story discovery to multi-platform publication. This AI-enhanced solution integrates with AP ENPS, fostering collaboration and boosting productivity.


Elevate your newsroom’s capabilities with AP Storytelling. Contact us today to schedule a brief demo and see firsthand how our platform can transform your content creation process.

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