Transforming digital newsrooms with workflow solutions

AP Workflow Solutions help bridge the gap between digital and broadcast teams. Intuitive technology activates cross-department connections and enables your team to collaborate on aggregated media assets. Elevate productivity, eliminate silos and keep teams at the heart of the story.

Key products: why they work for you

Key Products:
Why They Work for You


Any organization operating a digital newsroom can benefit from ENPS. Our flagship software improves productivity and streamlines broadcast and digital media collaboration, bridging the gap between these traditionally siloed teams. Allow your storytelling teams to view incoming wires, create and collaborate on single-stream content, plan stories and more; ENPS easily integrates with elements of your existing workflow, such as Teams or Slack.

AP Playbook

AP Playbook is extremely customizable, meaning your teams can work in the way they want without being restricted by our software. It integrates easily with your existing tools via our powerful API, giving journalists the freedom to be creative and effective storytellers. AP Playbook streamlines collaboration in a centralized platform, providing the means to plan content while dovetailing with your teams’ individual workflows.

AP Cast

Simplify content coordination for your digital team by adding AP Cast to AP Playbook. Our curation software enables optimal transparency in your production and publishing, giving you the perfect tool to organize digital content for maximum engagement.

Benefits for digital newsrooms

Our products allow teams of all shapes and sizes to craft and organize content daily across almost any platform. With ENPS, AP Playbook and AP Cast, your broadcast newsroom will not only be more streamlined and cost-effective, but primed to thrive and grow.

A centralized platform for collaboration

Eliminate siloed teams from your production process. Future-proof software connects broadcast, digital and other departments seamlessly for consistent and collaborative storytelling.

Generate impactful content 24/7

Audience engagement is key for digital channels. Connect your teams, enable creativity and produce engaging content in response to ever-changing news cycles.

Unrivaled integration ability

Designed to integrate with your current tools and workflows, our software fits right into your existing processes, meaning onboarding is even easier. Tell stories in a way that works for your team, and your audience.

Fully supported by journalistic experts

You’ll have access to our industry-leading support facility. We partner with you to ensure your digital newsroom is getting maximum value, and our dedicated experts help you navigate any issues swiftly.

A centralized platform for collaboration

Generate impactful content 24/7

Unrivaled integration ability

Fully supported by journalistic experts

“AP Playbook has simplified our many story-planning channels into one easy stream of information. As a result, we’re able to share ideas across teams and formats and spot opportunities for storytelling that we might otherwise have missed”.

Amanda Barrett, Deputy Managing Editor, AP Nerve Center

Welcome your digital newsroom to the future

Connect editorial processes across teams and create engaging content for your audience.