The AP ENPS team has undergone a transformation and has been renamed AP Workflow Solutions.

With our unique perspective as a news organisation providing tech solutions to newsrooms, the new name reflects the diversification of our product offerings across broadcast, digital and social output. The newly named team will manage all commercial, support and development aspects of the AP ENPS business – still the focus of development and innovation – in addition to AP Playbook, AP Cast and future software releases. 


“The name change reflects our team’s focus on delivering end-to-end workflow solutions to our customers,” said Brian R Hopman, Vice President and General Manager of the Workflow Solutions team. “As we continue to expand our product offerings beyond ENPS, it’s more important than ever to ensure that our customers have a seamless experience across all our products. The new name aligns with the value proposition we are bringing to the market.”  Developed by the world’s leading news organisation, software from AP Workflow Solutions running in over 700 newsrooms around the world is proof of the ‘solutions built by journalists and for journalists’ motto. 


The Workflow Solutions team will be showcasing AP ENPS and AP Playbook updates later this month at the annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas. Find them in the central hall at booth C4008. Register now. 


During NAB, the team will be previewing ENPS 9.5. The release includes key updates such as the highly requested dark mode, re-slugging stories with grouped segments, editing rundown columns from ENPS Mobile, and auto-pinning search results. In addition to the benefits for users, this release includes updated core components that bring a range of security and performance benefits. 


In addition to ENPS 9.5, AP Playbook 9.5 will include a revamped user interface. The update will provide a modern look and feel to Playbook, making it even more user-friendly.  


If you’d like to receive a demo of our latest products at NAB 2023 or just want to stop by the booth to chat, please book some time with us on Calendly or email info@enps.com. 


The Workflow Solutions team is committed to providing customers with best-in-class technology. The team has an exciting year ahead with both brand new products set for release and enhancements to existing solutions to strengthen their offerings.