The Associated Press Workflow Solutions team is introducing the next generation of story-centric news production solutions at NAB 2024.

AP Storytelling follows the story journey from discovery to editorial planning, content creation and publication of the final product on-air, online or on social media

Storytelling will help journalists strengthen collaboration, boost productivity and empower content creators across all platforms. The new solution, brought to you by the team that’s behind AP ENPS and Playbook, AP Storytelling is designed to seamlessly integrate all aspects of the journalistic process. This solution offers unified, AI-enhanced workflows that enable your team to create and share content with unparalleled ease and efficiency. AP Storytelling is powerful software designed to transform news production by removing barriers, fostering collaboration, and redefining the essence of story creation in the digital age.

“Today, journalists first have to decide the story’s publication point in order to decide where to start creating it, and once the journey starts, there are almost no points of integration between these parallel paths,” said Brian Doyle, AP’s Director of Product Management for Workflow Solutions. “For journalists responsible for re-versioning stories across traditional and digital platforms, this means lots of inefficient manual steps that slow down the whole process. With AP Storytelling, it’s going to be easier than ever before to create once, and publish everywhere, enabling journalists to craft rich and engaging stories that help them better inform the communities they serve.”

AP Storytelling delivers a suite of innovative features within a secure, cost-effective and flexible platform. A single, cohesive system integrates all aspects of the editorial process while facilitating seamless multi-platform publishing. Advanced AI used for summarizing and not generating content, automates routine tasks, allowing journalists to concentrate on crafting compelling narratives. This browser-based platform simplifies editorial planning and story management, allows users to work anywhere on any device, and fosters creative freedom.

Joined together as part of a unified, flexible deployment platform, AP Storytelling substantially augments the production and planning capabilities that exist today in ENPS and Playbook. Current AP Workflow Solutions customers will be able to realize various benefits from AP Storytelling.

AP Storytelling is a workspace that supports and enhances the capabilities of every content creator, allowing users to tell outstanding stories on every platform with ease. Security and hardware flexibility are at the forefront: whether operations are on-premises, entirely in the cloud or a hybrid, AP Storytelling together with ENPS addresses latency, cybersecurity and data-processing concerns.

AP Storytelling will be demonstrated to visitors at the Associated Press booth SL2105 at the NAB 2024 convention and in webinars and meetings after the event.

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AP Storytelling

AP Storytelling is the ultimate tool for news production, enabling journalists to navigate seamlessly from story discovery to multi-platform publication. This AI-enhanced solution integrates with AP ENPS, fostering collaboration and boosting productivity.

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